Oil and Gas Field Construction
Road Construction
Slope and River Bank stabilization
Location Construction
Reservoir Construction
Tank Battery Construction
Cattleguard Supply and Install
Culvert Supply, Installation, Clean Out
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Wyo Group Construction LLC

WYO Group Construction LLC is a family owned and operated construction company. We are a heavy equipment construction company and build oil field locations, road constructions, reservoir constructions as well as streamed restoration, topsoil stripping and reclamation.

What sets us apart from the really big companies? At all times there is at least one owner on the construction site at all times. All communication for each individual job is directed thru the owners and customers for reassurance for a job done right. We stand by the quality of our work 100%!

How new are we? We started the business in 2011, but to say that we are new to the heavy equipment construction business would be a understatement. We have a combined 92 years of of construction know how, that is what has put us above and beyond many other companies of our size. What about references and customer relations? We have excellent customer relations as well as countless references from every single company, group, or person we have ever worked with. Your happiness with a job expertly done is what we strive for!

Who exactly have we worked for in the oil and gas industry since our business began? We have worked for some of the finest leading oil and gas companies the nation, as well as countless individual groups, including local farmers and ranchers. Who do we work with? We work with your local trucking companies, your local scoria and gravel pit owners we feel have the same standards of work that we do. This helps out your local economy and helps support local jobs!

Where are we licensed? We are currently licensed in Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota!